SüdostSchweiz – Local News Swiss Wide Impact

From print to digital and to the right channel and local group. Aggregating data and distributing it to the right target in a competitive market was the accepted challenge for many years of our team.

Client Challenge

SüdostSchweiz Group had all its digital properties running on old software that was hard to maintain, and it didn’t keep up with the latest web technologies. We were asked to develop a new platform that will support and grow their digital impact in Switzerland.

Epoint Solution

We approached this problem by building a client server application that (similar to a PIM solution) allows multiple data sources to publish information on different channels. With multiple customer facing portals but also back-end integrations. The most prominent client of the available solution is www.suedostschweiz.ch, a leading news portal from eastern Switzerland. Further integrations are allowing a proper management of the abo services from a web-based application.

Client Benefits

Our solution has been successfully running since 2010, providing data to multiple portals and it features complex back-end integrations. Our partners enjoy the benefits of the continuous improvement of our solutions. Needles to say, every project like this one carries the seed of a greater benefit.

More than 210% growth in turnover and a tripling of profit from advanced multichannel strategies.