A New Way to Manage Time

Get a positive Return on Investment in one month by reducing overtime costs through
optimized allocation of personnel.

Client Challenge

Our challenge was that DB Schenker needed to improve the efficiency of personnel allocation to its logistic routes and good transportation. Due to the fact that the resource allocation was made by using old excel files, the system lead to overtime for some employees causing higher payroll costs for the company.

Epoint Solution

We defined the business requirements together, and talked with the user group that will use the new solution and decided that the best visual approach will be to build something similar to excel (the system that they were used to work with). We built wireframes in order to create the process and made the platform as a web-based solution set on an open source framework. In order to improve our customer services, we defined reports that were built from the available data. We provided export features for further integration

Client Benefits

The new application improves efficiency and productivity of the DB Schenker employees, and reduces overall payroll costs by lowering the overtime generated by the previous process. We developed a simple solution in order to help our partners.

More than 210% growth in turnover and a tripling of profit from advanced multichannel strategies.